Classical Recordings

Oregon Symphony Orchestra
Spirit of the American Range (2015)
Carlos Kalmar, conductor

This England (2012)
Carlos Kalmar, conductor

Music for a Time of War (2011)**
Carlos Kalmar, conductor

Portland Opera
Glass: Galileo Galilei (2013)
Anne Manson: Conductor
Orange Mountain

Martingale Ensemble
Mahler: Das Lied Von Der Erde (2013)
Ken Selden, Conductor
MSR Classics

Mahler Symphony NO. 4 (2011)
Ken Selden, conductor
MSR Classics

Indiana University Wind Ensemble
Ray E. Cramer Retirement Concert (2005)
Mark Masters Recording, 5888-MCD

The Oregon Percussion Ensemble
Meyer Kupferman, Orchestral Music, Vol. XVI (2000)
Charles Dowd, Conductor; Soundspell Productions CD135

Rock, etc.

Joel Gion
Self-Titled (November 2017)
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond

All the Colours of the Dark (2016)
Death Waltz Originals

David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) with Federale and Friends
Single: The Day That David Bowie Died (2016)
Cargo Records

The Blood Flowed Like Wine (2012)
The Committee to Keep Music Evil

Matthew J Tow
The Way of Things (2013)
Xemu Records

Pellet Gun
Great Divide (2012)
Jealous Butcher Records

“Rock and Roll”
From the Land of Ice and Snow: The Songs of Led Zeppelin (2010)
Jealous Butcher Records

Tractor Operator
Bleeding Hearts and Severed Legs (2007)
Jealous Butcher Records

Dan Jones and the Squids
Get Sounds Now (2005)
Daily Records – 001    

Doctor Won’t You Get Us to Dawn (2004)
Sleepsound Records           




**Grammy nominated

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